Dancing With Death

Birth, death & mourning doula Laura Saba works at the bookends of life supporting arrivals and departures from this adventure we call Life. This has given her a unique perspective as to what people regret and celebrate as their lives draw to a close. Join Laura as she explores how our relationship with our mortality shapes the epic story we're writing with the moments of our lives, our little chapter in the book of humanity. Want to live a life you won't regret? Tune in and start exploring the quality questions that will get you there.
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Dancing With Death

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Oct 5, 2016

Master Birth, Death & Mourning Doula Laura Saba, Momdoulary, LLC founder of doula trainings at and, introduces you to her work at the bookends of life, and explores some of the discoveries one makes about life when dealing with birth and death. 

Ever wonder what people regret as they die? Ever think about becoming a death doula or mourning doula? Worry that thinking about death and mortality will be scary or depressing? In this introduction to her new series, Dancing With Death, Laura helps you discover how exploring death can actually free you to more fully "carpe diem," along with sharing a bit of her path to this rare but hallowed work. Join her to discover what it's like to be on call for the Universe, and the lessons one learns along the way. 

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