Dancing With Death

Birth, death & mourning doula Laura Saba works at the bookends of life supporting arrivals and departures from this adventure we call Life. This has given her a unique perspective as to what people regret and celebrate as their lives draw to a close. Join Laura as she explores how our relationship with our mortality shapes the epic story we're writing with the moments of our lives, our little chapter in the book of humanity. Want to live a life you won't regret? Tune in and start exploring the quality questions that will get you there.
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Dancing With Death

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Oct 5, 2016

Death & Mourning Doula and Doula Trainer Laura Saba talks about the value of high quality questions in shaping our lives - and our deaths. Laura trains her doula students to use a form of Socratic Questioning while utilizing her unique Doula Coaching Method when working with clients. This is a process through which you rise above the obvious basics such as "What kind of funeral do you want?" so that you can get to the deeper things that matter. Once there, you can readily discern what options best fit your situation and circumstance, allowing you to curate the best options possible.

However, this doesn't end there! Laura also explores how clients use such questions in the final months of their lives to create deeper, higher quality living, often expressing that they've "Lived more fully in these last few months of my life than I've done in years before!" - and she then shows you how you can harness that power right here, right now, to create a higher quality life, with or without a diagnosis - because remember, diagnosis or not, we're all facing the same final end-point. Listen and explore how to power up your life through the use of quality questions.

Please note that nothing in this podcast should be construed as legal, therapeutic, or medical advice. Please see appropriate professionals when the situation calls for it.