Dancing With Death

Birth, death & mourning doula Laura Saba works at the bookends of life supporting arrivals and departures from this adventure we call Life. This has given her a unique perspective as to what people regret and celebrate as their lives draw to a close. Join Laura as she explores how our relationship with our mortality shapes the epic story we're writing with the moments of our lives, our little chapter in the book of humanity. Want to live a life you won't regret? Tune in and start exploring the quality questions that will get you there.
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Dancing With Death

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Oct 5, 2016

Death & Mourning doula and doula trainer Laura Saba walks listeners through a fascinating exercise that will help them harness the power of end-of-life perspective, so that they can create a better life NOW!

You're inking your biography, your life story, your chapter in the book of humanity, right here, right now, with the moments of your life. Is it a good one? Is it the most epic story you can tell? Is it the story you want your life to tell? Laura will explain how working with death has shown her how to create a life which will help regret-proof your end-of-life moments, or at least dramatically improve the odds of having lived the life you want to leave behind. 

Once again, Laura explores how our relationship with the reality of death can impact the quality of the life we're leading, and the tale we leave in our wake. Want to live powerfully? Spend a few minutes here now.

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If you'd like to submit a question or if you've any interest in becoming a death doula or want to find out more about death doula training you can visit, where you'll find a number of tools about death and mourning doula discernment, and information on becoming a facilitator of more conscious, informed engagement with death and funerals.

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